About LiveTrails

Imagine if there is a notice board on every trail that you can access from anywhere and enables you to pull easily timely tips and photos that have been collected by many visitors. It helps you to decide what trail to do and how to prepare for it.

LiveTrails is a virtual notice board on every trail where the outdoor community can leave notes and photos for one another. Anyone can create a trail anywhere in the World and post their photos and experiences. Visitors to the website can easily find information and photos of their local trails.

Our vision is to deepen people connection and elevate their respect to nature. We often talk about CO2 but nature is not a gas. We really need to think about it differently. We believe the first step to conserve nature is to connect to it by getting outside and enjoying it. Photos of one trail can captivate but photos from many trails inspire exploration and discovery and allows the first step to happen at scale.

Going out is really going in. Discover nature and pay it forward.

If you have any comments or questions please email us at support@livetrails.com